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A trip of goats (Socotra part I)

The first striking thing about Socotra is the goats. What, you say? Goats? On the ‘galapagos of the Indian Ocean,’ the magical dragon-blood-tree island paradise? Yep. Goats. When we pulled into Hadibo, the island’s uninspiring capital, the first thing I … Continue reading

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Coffee and other drugs

Yemen and coffee go way back. The word “coffee” originally comes from the Turkish “kahve,” which comes from the Arabic “qahwa.” While legend and Wikipedia generally locate coffee’s genesis in Ethiopia, the drink has always had strong ties to the … Continue reading

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You want to enter Paradise but you do not work for it

During my first month in Yemen, anyone who was driving me anywhere in the city would ask “have you seen the big mosque?” as we drove by the big mosque. Now, the Saleh mosque would be nearly impossible to miss, … Continue reading

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