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The view from the rabbit-hole

Let me share two stories about Yemen. 1. Most internet service in Yemen has a data limit. Once you use your X gigs, it’s done. Some friends of mine had an open wireless connection. Their neighbor used up their monthly … Continue reading

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They’re always shorter than you expect (Socotra part III)

I don’t want to bury the lede, so let’s start with this: I met the president. Q: The president of what? A: No, the president. Q: The PRESIDENT president? Of YEMEN? A: Yep. Q: NO WAY. Yeah way. There’s a … Continue reading

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Swimming near dolphins (Socotra part II)

Waking up after a wind-battered night in our eco-camp, we drank some mate (courtesy of Marcella) and hopped in the jeep, heading North to the beach at Qalansiyya. Dar dropped us off on a rocky hill overlooking the lagoon, pointed … Continue reading

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