I live in Sana’a. Where, you ask? Hah. Like I’m falling for that one Mr. al-Wihayshi.


2 Responses to About

  1. azhou says:

    Yemen sounds absolutely amazing from your blog, minus the the deportation etc.
    I’m an aspiring journalist still in high school and I was wondering whether or not you might be able to drop me some hints and tips of the trade please?
    It would be amazing if you could email me! My email is: a_zhou@live.com

  2. Ahmed says:

    Its amazing how you navigate the country. Its really good that you made it out of the president’s den of sin in one piece. Its pretty obvious what he wanted but when he talked to you he realized they brought him the wrong kind of girl, the one that is too respectable though naive as a foreigner to advances. Western women are considered very beautiful in Yemen. He was expecting someone to have some extra fun with on the side. You saw how uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit was in Socotra – as though one is naked – so if a Yemeni man invites you to go the pool and asks you if you want to swim, its a prelude to you know ;-)… and you said no, and he thought – they brought me a naive unfortunately western tourist and not what I was looking for. Very likely, the wives have a separate pool. If a man invites you to his place, always bring a male colleague with you in Yemen, so they get that you are on business and not a beautiful exotic looking woman that is interested in them. Imagine an exotic latina beauty in Sweden – no matter what she does, the locals think she is the most beautiful woman they have seen. Be careful.

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