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Ma’salaama, ila liqaa’

So obviously, I am no longer in Yemen, and it’s looking unlikely that I’ll be able to make it back there for a while. So here’s my final farewell, via Foreign Policy. When I met Saleh in Socotra, it wasn’t … Continue reading

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In which the author is evacuated from an unstable Arab country for the very first time!

Sudden evacuation is strange and traumatic, and also not nearly as exciting as you think. Due to rising instability, the organization I work for expedited an exit and reentry visa and put me on a flight to Doha. Much of … Continue reading

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A field trip to the revolution

First things first: I want you to stop trusting the news. And I definitely want you to stop trusting any article that doesn’t end with “Jane Q Awesomesauce reported from Sana’a (or, in rare cases, Taiz, Lahj, etc.).” Because I … Continue reading

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Speak softly and carry a government-issued stick

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Tahrir square were the sticks. Cut into two foot lengths, about an inch-wide, and stripped of bark, they were suspiciously uniform. These were not sticks that people had just happened to … Continue reading

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The view from the rabbit-hole

Let me share two stories about Yemen. 1. Most internet service in Yemen has a data limit. Once you use your X gigs, it’s done. Some friends of mine had an open wireless connection. Their neighbor used up their monthly … Continue reading

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They’re always shorter than you expect (Socotra part III)

I don’t want to bury the lede, so let’s start with this: I met the president. Q: The president of what? A: No, the president. Q: The PRESIDENT president? Of YEMEN? A: Yep. Q: NO WAY. Yeah way. There’s a … Continue reading

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Swimming near dolphins (Socotra part II)

Waking up after a wind-battered night in our eco-camp, we drank some mate (courtesy of Marcella) and hopped in the jeep, heading North to the beach at Qalansiyya. Dar dropped us off on a rocky hill overlooking the lagoon, pointed … Continue reading

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