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In which the author is evacuated from an unstable Arab country for the very first time!

Sudden evacuation is strange and traumatic, and also not nearly as exciting as you think. Due to rising instability, the organization I work for expedited an exit and reentry visa and put me on a flight to Doha. Much of … Continue reading

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The view from the rabbit-hole

Let me share two stories about Yemen. 1. Most internet service in Yemen has a data limit. Once you use your X gigs, it’s done. Some friends of mine had an open wireless connection. Their neighbor used up their monthly … Continue reading

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Coffee and other drugs

Yemen and coffee go way back. The word “coffee” originally comes from the Turkish “kahve,” which comes from the Arabic “qahwa.” While legend and Wikipedia generally locate coffee’s genesis in Ethiopia, the drink has always had strong ties to the … Continue reading

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Zombie brides from planet ninja

It’s not hard to get an invite to a Yemeni wedding. I was hanging out after belly dancing class and someone said “hey, wanna go to a wedding?” Sure! So I borrowed a sparkly top and some harem pants (yeah—I … Continue reading

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